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Innsky 6.3 QT 1700W XL Electric Hot Air Fryer Review

Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl electric hot Air fryer is a great cooking device that has been on the market for a while. Are you wondering if you should buy it for your family cooking or not? Well, we understand that you need a valuable device that will quench all your cooking thirst, especially when it comes to making healthy meals for your family. Therefore, this article is going to provide a detailed review of Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer.

We are going to cover the features, pros, cons, and even warnings of using this device as outlined by fellow customers. We will also provide a conclusion regarding who this device suits best when it comes to preparing family meals. So, read on to get all the details you require before deciding on whether to buy this air fryer or not.

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What’s Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer?

The Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer works by rapidly circulating hot air in a 360 degrees form. It is equipped with an LCD screen that makes your cooking fun and easy since you can comfortably control the unit. There are seven different cooking methods to choose from when preparing your meals. The fryer has a small flat base that sits well on the cooking counter. The fryer comes packed with a recipe book that contains 32 different delicacies to make with the unit.

The 6.3 Qt capacity is large enough to prepare large meal servings and for roasting your favorite turkey for Thanksgiving Day. The basket is made of a durable and non-stick material that is compatible with a dishwashing machine for the fast and easy cleaning process.

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  • The fryer materials: The outer structure of the air fryer is made of durable plastic material that is resistant to breakage. The equipped pan and basket are crafted with sturdy aluminum material that does not corrode or rust after prolonged use and cleaning. They are also safe for cleaning in a dishwashing machine.
  • The fryer wattage: 1700 wattage. The Innsky Grilling electric fryer is powered by 1700 wattage that helps to ensure there is enough heat circulated to cook food. The hot air circulation gives the cooked food an excellent crispy finish while leaving it moist in the inside.
  • Certification: Innsky Grilling Electric touch screen air fryer has passed through the mandatory inspection by the FDA. Therefore, it is a safe cooking device to use since it does not produce any harmful emissions when cooking.
  • 3 Qt capacity: Other than allowing you to prepare the best crispy food for your family, this air fryer helps you make a large serving for a large family. So, if you are 2 to 7 people, you can create delicious enough fried chicken wings for the number. It is also ideal for making a variety of meals during family gatherings or when expecting visitors.
  • LED digital touch screen: Controlling the cooking process with the fryer is a walk in the park. The LCD digital touch screen mechanism allows one to easily change the device to the different cooking methods and control the time and speed. The screen consists of 7 preset cooking methods to choose from.
  • Non-stick cooking basket: Both the cooking basket and the baking pan are made of aluminum material that is coated with the non-stick substance. Therefore, you will not experience any food burn or sticking on the basket when cooking.
  • Warranty: The customers’ quality assurance is at the forefront since the manufacturers provide a 2-year warranty. On top of this, one is given a 90 days money return guarantee in the case where the device does not serve the purpose.
  • A recipe book: If you wish to learn different cooking methods, Innsky grilling 6.3 electric air fryer comes with a recipe book for guidance.
  • Fast cook time: The device works fast in circulating the air around the basket and the pan when cooking. The process enables the food to cook fast and efficiently to save time and energy. It has a timer that ranges from 0 to 60 minutes, making it ideal for preparing a variety of foods that require different cooking times.
  • 7 pre-set functions: Not one, but a total of seven cooking options are available on the device to meet your cooking desires. So, whether you want to grill, roast, fry, bake, dehydrate, or even steam, all these cooking methods are possible with the use of Innsky grilling 6.3 Qt air fryers.
  • No oil needed: You can comfortably enjoy your crispy chicken wings without adding extra calories since this device reduces the need to use oil when cooking. Every method available on the preset can be accomplished without using the oil. This is because the device utilizes hot air, which is rapidly circulated to prevent the foods from sticking while it cooks evenly. The non-stick coating on the cooking accessories also makes it possible to cook with no oil.
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Pros vs Cons:

9 Total Score
Large Capacity Air Fryer, Perfect for Family

Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer is one of the top best air fryers on the market. It can prepare meals in 7 different cooking methods. The ease in using and the ability to prepare food without oil makes it a great deal for families with older adults and children who like junk foods.

  • This is an excellent cooking fryer which utilizes little or no oil when cooking.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • It does not emit any smile or gas when in use, making it a safe device to use indoors.
  • The fryer comes with a recipe book for guidance in making different recipes.
  • It has a large space for preparing enough food for a medium-sized to large family.
  • The basket handle is fragile. Some customers have complained about the handle breaking after using it for a short while.
  • The basket tab is a bit weak and may break easily if one is not cautious when sliding the basket in.
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The basket tab is quite delicate and can easily break when forced or pushed. So, ensure to slid the basket smoothly when cooking. The tab is directly connected to the sensor, which is responsible for turning the device on. So, if it is broken, then the unit cannot function.

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The Innsky 6.3 Qt air fryer is packed with a recipe book for guidance in cooking with it. The recipe book is also a good starter for people who have bought the air fryer for the first time and don’t know how to cook with it.

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Who is Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer for?

Any family setting of not more than six people should consider this device for preparing their meals. It has a large basket which can make food in a healthy manner and in different methods too. This air fryer is also ideal for people with small kitchen areas since it does not require a large space to place it when cooking.

If you live with your elderly parents, this air fryer is the best choice for cooking since it is easy to use with the LCD digital control screen. It also helps make healthy meals that would suit your aging parents.

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Innsky 6.3 Qt 1700w Xl Electric Hot Air Fryer is one of the top best air fryers on the market. It can prepare meals in 7 different cooking methods. The ease in using and the ability to prepare food without oil makes it a great deal for families with older adults and children who like junk foods.

For beginners, learn how to cook your favorite meals with the equipped recipe book. It has a total of 32 recipes to try out. One caution to note though is when fixing the basket to the tab. It is a bit weak and can easily break if the basket is forced on it.

Also, the basket handle is fragile hence require care when you are loading it to the unit. Overall, this cooking fryer adds value to your money as it is sold at a pocket-friendly price.

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