The Best Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator for Garage Reviews

If you love cooking outdoors, then you may want to choose a top-quality outdoor beverage refrigerator. This kitchen appliance comes in handy because it helps your chill beverages, snacks, and food for a wonderful outdoor cooking experience.

It does not matter whether you want to enjoy a cold beer after a long day at work or grill food outdoors; an outdoor beverage refrigerator is a wonderful choice.

Most new outdoor refrigerators are compact and use less electricity. Besides that, you may find some outdoor refrigerators that come with one, two, or more storage compartments. The good thing is that each of these drawers comes with LED lights.

Today, you can find many brands in the market, confusing the best outdoor beverage refrigerator for the garage. Usually, you need to pay attention to the compact size, reliability, and minimum power consumption of the refrigerator.

Here are the 6 best outdoor beverage refrigerators for garage reviews.



1. Midea WHS-87LB1 Refrigerator

Midea WHS-87LB1 Refrigerator is a small fridge that consumes a small amount of space in your kitchen and fits perfectly below your kitchen countertop.

It comes with large storage areas, which are great for storing healthy snacks, tomato ketchup, and beverages.

With a dimension of 17.52” x 20.80” x 24.80,” the internal walls of this refrigerator are somehow tapered toward its back. The Midea WHS-87LB1 Refrigerator is an energy star rated mini-fridge, which means that you will save on monthly energy cost.

Besides, it makes less noise compared to conventional refrigerators as it is made with ultra-quiet technology. This makes it suitable for libraries, bedrooms, hospitals, offices, and quiet spaces.

This innovative outdoor refrigerator comes with a mechanical temperature adjustment, ranging from -2 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius.

It has a reversible door which can open from right to left and adjustable legs. Midea WHS-87LB1 Refrigerator cools quickly and efficiently without warm spots.



  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Energy star rated refrigerator
  • Separate chiller compartment
  • It is an environmentally friendly technology
  • Comes with a reversible door and adjustable legs
  • It features a temperature control as well as an adjustment function.


2. Blaze 20 Inch Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Blaze 20 Inch Stainless Steel Refrigerator is a great quality refrigerator that comes with plenty of shelf space ideal for your foods and refreshments. It features a spacious 4.5 interior, which offers more storage convenience.

The 3 adjustable wire shelves offer a wide array of arrangement options. Come with a door lock that ensures privacy, peace of mind, and child safety. It is also well-built hardware and stainless-steel casing, which means that it is strong enough to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

The Blaze 20 Inch Blz-Ssrf-50D Stainless Steel Refrigerator is a space-saving solution suitable for your game rooms, family rooms, or apartment. The refrigerator’s interior lights make it easy to find things, while the automatic defrosts feature reduces freezer burn and maintenance.



  • Spacious 4.5 interior offers storage convenience
  • The reversible door option can swing from the right or left door swing.
  • Features 3 adjustable wire shelves that offer different arrangement options
  • Has a space-saving design which saves on space for gaming room, family room, and apartments
  • Comes with adjustable leveling legs, which offer even support for the outdoor beverage refrigerator


3. TEC 24-inch Outdoor Refrigerator

In case you are looking for the best outdoor beverage refrigerator for the garage, you will never go wrong with TEC 24 Inch Outdoor Refrigerator. This is a premium outdoor refrigerator that is constructed from 304 stainless steel construction for extra durability.

With an impressive dimension of 23.4 x 32.7 inches, this outdoor refrigerator comes with a right-side hinge design. The ducted airflow system circulates cold air all over the refrigerator.

TEC 24 Inch Outdoor Refrigerator has an integrated locking mechanism that keeps the contents securely inside. The large 4 cubic foot storage capacity comes with a ducted airflow design, which offers more cooling.

Besides, it has a top-quality component, which allows users to complete their outdoor kitchen very fast. TEC 24 Inch Outdoor Refrigerator is a durable and long-lasting refrigerator that is resistant to external elements.



  • This unit comes with a right-side hinge design.
  • The dimensions of the product are 23.4 x 32.7 inches.
  • It is UL approved and Energy Star rated for use outdoors.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel construction for enhanced durability
  • Has a large 4 cubic ft storage capacity with a ducted airflow design


4. Summerset Professional Grills Refrigeration

If you have the money to spend on the best outdoor beverage refrigerator for the garage, I would recommend you get Summerset Professional Grills Refrigeration.

This type of refrigerator offers superior cooling performance as it features top-quality components that offer a lifetime service. We like the Summerset Professional Grills Refrigeration because it comes with a locking door, which helps keep the young ones out at the bay.

Inside the refrigerator, you will find interior lights that offer a warm glow, while the control panel helps control the digital thermostat. The digital control panel offers you electronic control of temperature.

Additionally, the internal fan assists in enhancing cooling times and reducing condensation in the beverage refrigerator.

The 4.5 feet 3 storage capacity is suitable for mid to large size families and people who want to entertain. Summerset Professional Grills Refrigeration might have a high price, but it offers a wonderful value for money.



  • Rear venting
  • Comes with a locking door
  • Features a stainless-steel door construction
  • Compact design that measures 34 x 27 x 23 inches in dimension
  • Has interior lighting, which makes it easier to view the food inside the refrigerator


5. DCS RF24T1 Outdoor Beer Dispenser

DCS is a brand that was founded in the year 1989, and they started with a pioneering top commercial quality drop-in cooktop.

Later they started offering outdoor gas barbecues and, most recently, professional outdoor grills. DCS RF24T1 Outdoor Beer Dispenser may come with a high price tag, but it produces great performance and is suitable for different weather conditions.

With this outdoor beverage refrigerator, you can use it to serve cold, fresh beer from a quarter or half-barrel keg in the outdoor kitchen.

It features an auto-defrost function as well as adjustable temperature control. Also, DCS RF24T1 Outdoor Beer Dispenser comes with a front venting, which allows for a built-in outdoor kitchen island.

This outdoor beverage refrigerator has an active fault system sounds in case of an alarm if the interior alarm temperature is below the normal operating mode.



  • Comes with digital control panel
  • Item dimension of 24.12 x 23.87 x 34 inches
  • Auto defrost function and adjustable temperature control.
  • Internal LED helps you see the food inside the refrigerator.
  • The front venting offers a built-in installation in the outdoor kitchen island.
  • This outdoor beer dispenser is UL approved rating, which ensures it lasts in the outdoor climate.


6. Luxor 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

Luxor 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is a great space-saving idea that is great for an outdoor kitchen. This outdoor rated refrigerator offers enough storage room, with a 4.5 cubic feet capacity.

It does not matter where you put it outdoor this outdoor refrigerator is designed such that it withstands outdoor use. Luxor 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator comes with an automatic light switch, which makes visibility easy.

The front venting of this refrigerator is such that it allows the unit to be used in a well built-in application.

It comes with drawers, great space-saving for outdoor kitchen locking, which is great for food storage.



  • It is UL listed such that you can use it for outdoor use.
  • The interior LED lights offer much-needed visibility during dim conditions.
  • It has an automatic light switch, which makes it easy to view the food inside the refrigerator.
  • The refrigeration drawers offer a wonderful space-saving idea for outdoor kitchen
  • It comes with a unique double drawer design thanks to the versatile storage options
  • 304 stainless steel constructions offer durability as well as match your other appliances



By now, you have a clear idea of which is the best outdoor beverage refrigerator garage to buy. However, if you are not sure which product to purchase, you should pay attention to these factors.

The first feature to look for is weatherproofing. You want to choose a beverage refrigerator that can withstand heavy rainstorms and patio floods.

The second factor to consider is the capacity and size of the fridge. You may choose a compact refrigerator which is suitable for smaller garages, including verandahs and balconies. However, an outdoor beverage refrigerator’s normal size should be between 34” H x 24” L x 24” W.

The third factor is the design material of the outdoor refrigerator. You can choose plastic material or a high chromium refrigerator.

We hope that the above list of best outdoor beverage refrigerators for the garage will help you choose the right product that suits your lifestyle, environment, and entertainment area.

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