The Best Beer Fridge for 16 Oz Can 2021 (Review)

The quality of beer fringe that you purchase will determine whether it will maintain the right temperature and taste when storing your favorite beer or whether your beers will have completely different tastes after days of storage.

According to Brewer’s Association’s Beer and Food Course, a good beer fridge should maintain temperatures of between 38-55 degrees F at all times to keep the beer’s original taste for a long. Additionally, a good beer fridge should comfortably fit beer bottles and have a transparent glass door to allow you to view your beers.

However, getting a beer fridge that is compatible with 16 Oz beer cans can be stressful. Fortunately, today you have landed in the right place. We have conducted extensive research on your behalf and compiled a list of the six best beer fridge for 16 Oz cans.


The TOP 6 Best Beer Fridge for 16 Oz Can 2021 (Review):


1. NewAir AB-1200 beverage refrigerator

Whether you are organizing a party or just want to stock up your favorite 16 Oz beer in the fridge, the AB-1200 beverage refrigerator is the right one for you. It has plenty of room to enable you to store up to 126, 16 Oz cans. It will keep your favorite beer chilled and ready to drink for a long time without compromising our beer taste.

NewAir AB-1200 beverage refrigerator features a powerful compressor cooling system that will keep your beers consistently chill at 37 degrees for optimum preservation. Its large capacity will allow you to store your 16 Oz beer cans comfortably without having to rearrange your fridge, as is the case with other similar fridges. However, the removable storage shelves that it features will give you the much-needed flexibility if you need some extra space.

This beverage features a built-in thermostat that comes with seven custom settings. This means that you don’t have to monitor your fridge to see if it is within the right temperature range. All you need to do is set and forget.

The thermostat will regulate the fridge temperature to ensure that beers are chilled at optimum levels. This beverage fringe has a low noise level of 35dB compressor. This means that you can stay close to it without even knowing that it is operating.

The double-paned glass door that it features provides excellent insulation, thus keeping your beers chilled at the perfect temperature. The durable stainless-steel door is equipped with a reversible recessed handle that allows you to open it in both directions.

The Positives:
  • It is super quiet
  • Large storage space (can store up to 126 16 Oz cans)
  • Attractive stainless design
  • Thermostat with seven customer settings
  • Double-paned glass door
  • Removable storage shelves
  • Easy to use
The Negatives:
  • Some customers complain that it is not energy efficient

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2. Danby designer 4.4 cubic feet compact beverage refrigerator

If you are looking for a large capacity, compact, and energy-efficient refrigerator to store your favorite beer, then Danby designer 4.4 cubic feet compact beverage refrigerator is the perfect choice for you.

The 4.4 cubic feet (126 L) of storage capacity that it features can store up to 96, 16 Oz beer cans. This fridge is energy star compliant, meaning that it does not consume a lot of energy. It is also environmentally friendly.

The 2.5-shelf design that it features offers maximum storage flexibility. This beverage fridge is controlled by a precise mechanical thermostat that ensures that your beers are chilled at optimum temperature. It also features a simple semi-automatic defrosting system that ensures that your beers are not cooled beyond the recommended temperature.

Its classy compact design, unique color, and smudge-free spotless steel finishes make this fridge perfect for any style of existing décor. It is also equipped with an integrated door handle and a convenient reversible door hinge for seamless left and right-handed opening.

The Positives:
  • Large capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and versatile
  • Integrated door handle with a reversible door hinge
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Chills beer to an icy 34 degrees
The Negatives:
  • Does not have a transparent glass door


3. Whynter FWC-341TS freestanding beverage refrigerator

Whynter FWC-341TS freestanding beverage refrigerator is a perfect choice for those looking for a compact, large capacity, and energy-efficient beer fridge. It features a powerful but quiet compressor with a fan cooling system that cools your beers evenly and consistently.

The exclusive stainless steel doubled glass door and LED lighting that it features allows you to easily view the contents in the fridge while maintaining the ideal internal temperatures and increasing energy efficiency. The tempered double pane gray-smoked glass also protects the beers against UV damage.

The built-in security lock system that it features helps secure your fridge, thus preventing unauthorized persons from accessing your favorite beers.

The mechanical temperature control system with a temperature range from high 30 degrees F to mid-60 degrees F allows our beers to stay cold but in liquid form.

The five slide-out wire shelves that it features can comfortably fit up to 120 16 Oz beer cans at once. Its sleek and compact design, combined with its freestanding installation, means that you can install it almost anywhere, including in the living room, bedroom, or office.

The Positives:
  • Large storage capacity (can hold up to 120 16 Oz cans)
  • Keylock system
  • Powerful but quiet compressor
  • LED lighting to enhance visibility
  • Freestanding installation
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Durable
The Negatives:
  • Frequently runs out of stock


4. Danby 120 can beverage refrigerator

Although compact, Danby 120 can beverage refrigerator can comfortably hold up to 120 16 Oz cans of beer at once. This makes it perfect for people who want to host parties or store a vast collection of their favorite beers.

It features a mechanical thermostat with a temperature range of 43 degrees F – 57 degrees F, which is ideal for storing beer. The tempered glass doors with stainless steel trim help keep your beers chill and safe by blocking UV rays.

The 3.5 black wire interior shelves that it features allow you to store your favorite beer in an organized manner for easy retrieval. The shelves are removable to allow you to store large-sized cans or bottles.

The mechanical thermostat maintains perfect temperatures in the refrigerator for optimal cooling results. You don’t have to monitor the refrigerator all the time, thanks to the built-in mechanical thermostat.

The key and lock feature guarantees the security of your beers. The reverse door allows easy left and right-handed opening.

The Positives:
  • Compact
  • Lock up your beers
  • Energy efficient
  • Reverse door
  • Large capacity: can store up to 120 beverages
  • Long-lasting LED lighting for improved visibility
  • Mechanical thermostat for monitor free operation
The Negatives:
  • It is quite noisy


5. Coca- Cola KWC4 KWC-4 4 liter/ 6 can portable fridge

Coca- Cola KWC4 KWC-4 4 liter/ 6 can portable fridge is ideal for people looking for a portable fridge to store their beer.

This portable fridge can easily fit at the back of your car, which means that you can carry it with you when going for picnics, hiking, boating, camping, weekend gateway, and much more.

It’s compact 4.2 Quart (4 Liters) capacity can comfortably fit up to six 16 Oz beer cans.

The thermoelectric technology that it uses is super reliable and delivers efficient cooling with no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

This refrigerator will cool your favorite beers up to 32 degrees F below ambient temperature, keeping it chill and in perfect conduction for an extended period. Its lightweight, compact and portable design make it ideal for home use and on the go in your truck, boat, or RV.

Both 12 Volt DC powers it and 110 Volt AC plugs, meaning you can plug it into your standard household outlet or use it in your boat car or RV. The eye-catching and classy red finish with the classic Coca-Cola logo will complement the look of any room.

The Positives:
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Compact and portable
  • It can comfortably fit up to six 16 Oz beer cans
  • It is powered by both 12 Volt DC and 110 Volt AC plugs
  • Self-locking, recessed door handle
  • Thermoelectric technology
  • Cools beers up to 32°F below ambient temperature
The Negatives:
  • Small capacity


6. Whynter BR-091WS beverage refrigerator

Whynter BR-091WS beverage refrigerator is one of the best beer refrigerators in the market today.

Besides its large capacity, this beer fridge is equipped with amazing premium features that are mostly found in high-end.

Its compact and sleek design allows this refrigerator to fit in tight spaces, thus perfect for people with limited spaces.

Its large storage size can hold up to 90 16 Oz beer cans at once. The installation is either freestanding or built-in. It is equipped with digital temperature control that allows you to control and monitor the unit’s temperatures for optimal cooling results.

Mechanical temperature control with a temperature range from high 30 degrees F – mid 60 degrees F is perfect for storing beers.

This beer refrigerator features a powerful compressor that provides consistent cooling on stored beers. LED lighting helps to improve visibility. It is also equipped with a reversible door for easy access to the refrigerator from both sides (right and left). The cylinder lock that it features protects your beers from unauthorized persons.

The Positives:
  • Powerful compressor
  • Large capacity: can hold up to 90 standard 16 Oz cans
  • Digital temperature control with temperature range 30 degrees F – mid 60 degrees F
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Durable
  • Cylinder lock system
The Negatives:
  • It is quite noisy


Final verdict

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and efficient beer fringe that can comfortably hold 16 oz beer cans, look no further than the list provided above.

Besides holding 16oz beer cans, they also provide ideal and consistent chilling temperatures for your beers.


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